Our Treatments...Spinal Decompression Blended with Class IV Laser....WATCH FOR OUR NEW SPINAL DECOMPRESSION MACHINES COMING SOON !

Simply stated, there are a many Americans who suffer from chronic low back and cervical pain. Many of them have tried standard chiropractic, physical therapy, medication, and even surgery. Yet, many of the people still suffer from pain, stiffness and pain down one or even both legs. They often feel that they are at the end of their rope, and there just isn't much left that can be done.  Maybe spinal decompression is the answer.

Spinal decompression is a highly specialized form of traction that can only be accomplished on a specific spinal decompression table.  Spinal decompression actually produces a negative pressure in the disc, that not only reduces the disc protrusion-herniation, but also rehydrates the disc and gives it more volumn as well as removing the area that is pushing on the nerve root.


A specialized computer is programmed based on the patients findings, and that computer instigates controlled and gentle traction movements that causes spinal decompression to happen.  Not only is the computer programmed, but the patient must be properly positioned and placed in a comfortable harness as well.  Again, this is all very simple and causes no pain or discomfort for the patient.





First of all, Dr. Huddleston will need to determine if you are a candidate for spinal decompression, and not everyone is.


A thorough history and physical examination will be performed.  X rays and MRI's will be reviewed as well as information obtained from other physicians.  It is a time consuming process but necessary in order to obtain the best results.


If the patient is determined to be a candidate for spinal decompression, than a specialized treatment program is designed and presented to the patient.  Please realize, spinal decompression is a not a quick fix, but like physical therapy and surgery, takes time in order for healing of the disc to happen.  Normally, a patient needs to be seen twice weekly for a period of ten weeks to obtain maximum recovery and healing.  Dr. Huddleston will not accept you as a spinal decompression patient if you "want to try a couple of visits" or don't want to commit to the complete program of spinal decompression and rehab, as the results desired just won't be obtained in a hit or miss type treatment plan.

As mentioned, the treatments and therapy are easy, relaxing, and literally painless.


Treatments start at 15 minutes, and go up one minute in duration every visit, with a maximum treatment of 25 minutes.  


As the decompression visits increase, the positioning, cycle times, and pull patterns will all be changed as the patients symptoms change or decrease.  Everyones treatment plan is different based on the patients particular problem.


Once finished, the patient will have different modes of physical therpy performed, such as micro current, IFC, and laser treatments.  All of these modalities will help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and help rehabilitate the injured area.


Not only does Dr. Huddleston manufacture the decompression tables in his shop, but he also teaches courses on spinal decompression through out the country, and has been published several times in national magazines regarding this remarkable therapy.  His decompression tables have been shipped to Russia, China, Singapore, and dozens of states in the U.S. to both chiropractors and medical physicians who want the ultimate treatment for their spinal patients.


Currently, do to space limitations, spinal decompression is only offered in the Eldon office.


As mentioned earlier, spinal decompression produces even faster results when combined with the fabulous healing qualities of Class IV laser.  Once the decompression treatment is finished, the patient will then be escorted to a special room, and the Class IV laser therapy will be done. These two treatments are near the pinnacle in non surgical - no pharmacy treatment, and the results speak for themselves



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