Our Treatments - Motion Adjusting & Chiropractic Adjusting

Almost everyone who has been to a chiropractor has been adjusted on some form of bench or table.  Some raise up and lay down, while others are more stationary, or bench like.


At Huddleston Chiropractic in Nevada, and soon Eldon, you will be adjusted in a motion mode, on a table that actually moves up and down.  This is called "motion adjusting", or "The A.I.M. Concept". (Adjusting in Motion).


At the Nevada office and soon again Eldon, the patient is placed on a special table that was invented and is manufactured by Dr. Huddleston.  The table is turned on, and the rear section moves up and down in a controlled and comfortable manner.  


This flexion or movement does several things.  First of all, the controlled flexion is very relaxing, and many patients have fallen asleep during the cycle.  


Secondly, the movement of the table also puts motion into the spine.  The movement of the spine thus makes it nearly 40% easier for Dr. Huddleston to adjust you.


As chiropractors we do two things.  We have to put the vertebra in motion to adjust it, and, we have to give the vertebra direction.  The Accuflex table puts the spine in motion, so all Dr. Huddleston has to do is give the vertebra direction when he adjusts.  As mentioned, this table makes it 40% easier to adjust your back, and is much less stressful to you during the adjustment.


Dr. Huddleston has taught this technique to over 2,000 chiropractors nation wide.

Dr. Troy Evans is shown above doing motion adjusting on a patient.  Dr. Evans has taken Dr. Huddleston's "The A.I.M. Concept" motion adjusting course.

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