Our Treatments...IFC and Microcurrent

It seems that fewer and fewer chiropractic clinics are doing or even offering rehabilitative therapy at this time.  


First of all, therapy takes time to perform and perform correctly.  Secondly, the equipment needed to do rehabilitation types of therapy is expensive, and many chiropractors simply don't want to invest the time or money to do them.  Many doctors feel that the chiropractic adjustment is enough, and that is absolutely 100% fine, and often good enough for some.


However, at Huddleston Chiropractic Clinic, we feel that many patients need more care, more help, and more treatment than just an adjustment to get well quicker.


Over the years, we have seen thousands of patients who did need more.  They had sore and tight muscles.  They often had sciatic pain down the leg or neuralgia into the arm from an old whiplash injury.  Some of these patients even had diabetic nerve damage that was felt strongly in the feet.


Besides the fantastic power of the adjustment, we feel that additional therapies such as Class IV Laser, Acoustic Wave, IFC, and Microcurrent benefit the patient tremendously to reduce inflammation, help with pain control, rebuild damaged tissues, and reduce tight muscles.


IFC or Interferential Current is a special therapy that feels like an electro massage.  It has been one of the choices of professional athletic teams for years as well as rehab clinics and hospitals. IFC uses two mild electrical currents that intersect at the point of pain.  These two intersecting currents help increase blood flow to the damaged area and reduce inflamation.  The IFC machine can be set for various conditions and problems by the therapist and as mentioned before, IFC feels wonderful to the patient and produces fantastic results.  The Huddleston Chiropractic Clinic has three of these machines so patients won't have to wait.


One of the best therapies is Microcurrent.  Microcurrent is just that, very low doses of current administered in a therapeutic amounts and in a controlled manner.


Microcurrent was first invented by Dr. Thomas Wing, and is used worldwide.  Often, due to the patients phyical condition, such as having a pacemaker or other implants, IFC can't be used, and that's where microcurrent comes into play.


Microcurrent is subthreshold, or in other words, the patient can't feel it.  The therapist uses two special probes, and the current goes from one probe to the other like a pitcher and catcher, and again, the patient feels absolutely nothing.


We have used microcurrent on very difficult and hard to get to locations.  It has proven to be an excellent therapy for chronic headaches, low back pain and especially arthritic joints such as the hands and fingers.  The bodies healing runs on a 35hZ frequency.  Microcurrent is set at 35hZ so the current applied is the same frequency.  This causes a harmonious balance of applied treatment and natural body healing.


Microcurrent machines are extremely expensive and very difficult to obtain, and that is why so many chiropractors do not have them.  At both Huddleston Chiropractic Clinic, we have the original Microcurrent design invented by Dr. Thomas Wing, and we use it extensively with our patients to obtain optimum health as quickly as possible.



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