Once in a great while, a therapy comes along that produces exceptional clinic results on even the most difficult of patient.  Huddleston Chiropractic clinic is pleased to announce that Acoustic Wave Therapy will be available in both the Eldon and Nevada clinics.

Acoustic Wave Therapy was perfected in Europe and is rapidly spreading in it's use across the United States.


The Acoustic Wave machine produces small therapeutic "balls" of ultrasound that are administered via a highly trained therapist for about 10 minutes.  


These balls of sound penetrate into the tissue and reduce inflammation, pain, muscle spasm, and nerve type pain, and has produced dramatic results for plantar fascitis, sciatic pain, intense muscle spasm and even joint pain.


We have had tremendous results with heel spurs, hip degeneration, cervical spondylosis, pain down the legs, and much more.  Acoustic Wave Therapy is often suggested for extremely chronic cases, or where patients have been to other chiropractors, doctors or therapists with only marginal success.  In our Eldon clinic, patients are actually asking for it by name because the results have been so amazing.


Acoustic Wave Therapy is priced at only $15 above the normal chiropractic adjustment of $30 or chiropractic adjustment and therapy charge of $38

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